Willo is a classic side-scrolling platformer. Its objective is to reach the right end of the world. The player can move left and right, and jump. Obviously, if the player isn’t supported by a platform, they fall to their death (and lose a life)! There are enemies which collide with the player resulting in the player losing a life on each collision. The player has 3 lives to lose before they lose the game. Some enemies cannot be killed, while the player can jump on others to kill them.


There are several different power-ups:

  • Life Pack. Increases the player’s life by one
  • Invincibility. Makes the player invincible for a set period of time
  • Speed-up. Makes the player run faster for a set period of time


The world is randomly-generated and willo lets the player select a difficulty level (Easy, Medium, or Hard), then starts a game with the given difficulty. At harder difficulties, the world contains more enemies and obstacles.

* Willo was created as a capstone project for Coursera

** Willo uses free platform game assets by Bayat Games

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